#MOMCMondays Grows Up To Become MOMC TV

Link to video here >> Ever since Masters of Malaysian Cuisine launched, we have had interest from broadcasters about creating a TV show around our chefs and our content. This aligns with one of my core reasons for creating this group, which is to showcase Malaysian recipes and cooking techniques through the lenses of…

How To Make Laksa Lipat Gulong (Rolled Laksa)

How To Make Laksa Lipat Gulong (Rolled Laksa)

By Chef Johari Edrus Serves 4-6 Ingredients: 1 packet edible rice paper (Round)½ tsp red chilli (cut into matchstick-sized strips andchopped)1 large Japanese cucumber (cut into matchsticksized strips)1 large pineapple (peeled and cut intomatchstick-sized strips)1 ea iceberg lettuce2 cups rice vermicelli (boiled, strained andchilled)200g sardine (cleaned and smashed coarsely)¼ cup tamarind concentrate1 tbsp shrimp paste…