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Imagine a snack that’s savoury and sweet, crunchy and chewy, made from fish and flour… Thanks to the fishers of Terengganu, such a thing exists: it’s called keropok lekor, and it’s one of the most popular snacks in Malaysia.

Terengganu is the base of Malaysia’s South China Sea fishing industry, and it’s said local villagers developed this dish to use surplus fish and minimal other ingredients when times were tight. “Keropok lekor” comes from two Malay words – “keropok,” meaning “crunchy/cracker” and “lekor,” meaning “to roll.” It is made from minced fish and sago flour, simply seasoned with salt and sugar and rolled into balls or logs.

The uncooked keropok are a not-so-appealing greyish colour, and the fishy odour when cooking might put off newcomers, but the taste dispels any concerns. Keropok can be prepared lekor (chewy and long, deep-fried until golden brown), keping (cut thin like chips thin, deep-fried crispy), and losong (steamed or boiled). The snacks are usually for maximum crunchiness, but some vendors offer steamed or boiled versions.

The best place to get an authentic keropok lekor experience is at the roadside stalls or food courts in Terengganu and across Malaysia. Vendors have their unique takes on this snack; some are spicier, and some add vegetables and herbs. To spice up your snack, dip it in the fiery condiment sambal belacan.

The size, shape and cooking methods may vary – just choose your preference – but the result is delicious!

Shop name:
Keropok Lekor Lekoh Sg. Rengas
987, Kg. Sg Rengas, 20050

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