Chef Johari Edrus is best known to Malaysians as the judge of MasterChef Malaysia, but what many may not realise is that he’s had an illustrious career in the culinary industry internationally for over four decades. 

Professionally trained in Switzerland, Chef Jo’s global experience spans a range of organisations including Tradewinds Corporation, Ayamas Food Corporation, Eurest Malaysia, and various 5-star hotels in Switzerland, Shanghai and Malaysia among others.

Apart from MasterChef Malaysia, Chef Jo has also been involved in TV shows such as Syoknya Rasamas, Jom Masak Bersama Sri Murni (TV3), MAGGI Mencari Bintang Sensasi (TV3), Nasi Goreng Beras Flora (TV3), Raja Masak (TV3) and Suatu Hari Nanti (TV9).

Chef Jo is a champion of what he describes as “eclectic cuisine”, where he introduces the world to the flavours of popular traditional Malaysian dishes through his culinary creations that incorporate ingredients from other countries.

Chef Johari Edrus has been on the judging panel for prestige culinary events such as Salon Culinaire Malaysia, the 7th ASEAN Skills

Competition, the Hospitality Asia Platinum Award (HAPA) and many others.

In his spare time Chef Johari Edrus has generated the ideas that contributed towards the success of a number of events which have been recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR).

These include –

The longest cream bun at 2.43 meters (2002)

Non-stop frying Kway Teow – 50 hours (2003)

Non-stop preparing and grilling “Satay”- 52 hours (2004)

Non-stop cooking of Roti Jala – 60 hours (2005)

Non-stop preparing and grilling Pulut Panggang – 60 hours (2006)

Non-stop cooking and serving Kacang Foul – 60  hours (2007)

Most Number of Children Making Sandwiches in a Single Event – 503 participants (2015) 

The Longest Nasi Dagang Packets Line 2578 meters (2016).