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Centuries ago, when traders from China and India visited the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, they sought meals that were filling yet easy to transport. They created a combination of rice and fish curry that became known as “nasi dagang,” or “trader’s rice.”

Today it’s popular in the regions of Kelantan and Terengganu as a breakfast dish, perhaps more so than nasi lemak which is considered Malaysia’s national breakfast!

Nasi dagang is made with husked red rice or a combination of jasmine and glutinous white rice, cooked in coconut milk that’s sometimes flavoured with lemongrass, fenugreek and sliced shallots. The rich, creamy rice is the perfect foil for the punchy fish curry, locally known as gulai darat, usually made with tuna or Spanish mackerel and spiced with lemon grass, galangal, chilli paste, and turmeric.

Nasi dagang is usually complemented by pickled vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, toasted coconut, sambal, and fish crackers; some vendors may also offer shrimp paste chilli (sambal belacan).

Seek out nasi dagang at specialist street vendors and cafes in Kelantan and Terengganu. Its combination of sweetness, spice and tang is the perfect way to wake your taste buds!

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Nasi Dagang Kak Pah Batu Burok
Jalan Pantai Batu Burok,

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