[MEDIA RELEASE] Street Food Journeys Returns with Series 4 & 5 Filmed In Malaysia


26 August 2022

Street Food Journeys Returns With Series 4 & 5 Filmed In Malaysia

Tourism Malaysia’s Street Food Journeys is back with two new series, Laksas of Malaysia and Malaysia: Melting Pot of Asia, to once again showcase Malaysia’s culinary diversity through the lens of Sydney-based former restaurateur Jackie M. and her team of elite chefs from Masters of Malaysian Cuisine (MOMC).

Masters of Malaysian Cuisine chefs Johari Edrus, Zaleha Olpin, Jackie M, Rene Juefri and Bob Adnin. Not pictured – Debbie Teoh, Dave Murugaya and Dato’ Ismail Ahmad

Produced by Jackie M and sponsored by Tourism Malaysia Australia, the series features cooking segments by chefs from MOMC and MOMC@Heart alongside local experts as they cover the different varieties of Malaysian laksa in Series 4, and different types of Malaysian cuisine in Series 5. 

Jackie M. said: “Street Food Journeys Series 4 and 5 are very special because while the first three series were filmed overseas due to closed travel borders, this time around we were finally able to travel to Malaysia to shoot on-location thanks to Malaysia’s borders reopening.”

“Our Masters of Malaysian Cuisine chefs from 7 different countries came together in Malaysia for five weeks to make this happen, and we are just so thrilled to have been able to cook with each other and to share our recipes in the MOMC Magazines that accompany these series.”

Cooking Laksa Terengganu Merah & Putih at Terengganu Cultural Village, with local cook Gayah Bt Yusoff, and joined by MOMC@Heart’s Rosita Heilek & Mazna Merten, the Dodo Explorers and the JetLag Warriors

Street Food Journeys Series 4 will feature 15 Malaysian Laksa recipes covering different varieties of laksa from all over Malaysia. It will  encompass laksas made using traditional methods and ingredients as well as quick-and-easy recipes for novice cooks.

Series 5 explores the meaning behind the Tourism Malaysia tagline, Malaysia Truly Asia, from a culinary standpoint. Across 4 episodes, it will feature, respectively, Malay, Chinese, Indian and Nyonya influence in Malaysian cuisine. 

Each episode will have several cooking segments by Jackie M. and her chefs from MOMC/MOMC@Heart, highlighting iconic dishes from these different Malaysian ethnic/cultural backgrounds.

Street Food Journeys 4/5 airs online starting Friday 2 September at the following timeslots:

7pm Australian EST

5pm Malaysia

11am Europe CET

5am US EDT

The series is available to watch on MalaysianChefs.com and across all of Masters of Malaysian Cuisine’s and Jackie M’s social media platforms as well as on the Apa Kau Rasa Facebook Page.

Watch the trailer for Street Food Journeys Series 4 & 5 here – https://youtu.be/o4M4E59pOrQ 



About Jackie M & MOMC

Jackie M is an acclaimed Malaysian street food specialist, former restaurateur, TV presenter and pioneer of live cooking videos.

Her no-holds barred approach to Asian cooking, along with her 20+ years of experience as a professional cook, has seen Jackie M’s following grow to 1.9 million worldwide at its peak and made her one of the most influential Australian chefs on social media.

Masters of Malaysian Cuisine (MOMC) – website MalaysianChefs.com – is a group founded by Jackie M. and Paul Gray in June 2020 with a mission to promote Malaysia and Malaysian food to a global audience through both virtual and onsite cooking demonstrations.

The MOMC group is made up of some of the world’s top Malaysian chefs, including Johari Edrus, Debbie Teoh, Dave Murugaya, Dato’ Ismail Ahmad, Zaleha Olpin, Jackie M, Bob Adnin and Rene Juefri. 


For enquiries, please contact:


Jackie M. Tang

Founder, Masters of Malaysian Cuisine


+61 (0) 425 797 718

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