#MYFlavoursEurope – MOMC Partners with MAFI to Promote Malaysian Flavours In Europe

Masters of Malaysian Cuisine Partners with MAFI to Promote Malaysian Flavours in Europe

The Masters of Malaysian Cuisine (MOMC) group is getting ready to launch a Europe-based campaign in partnership with The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries of Malaysia (MAFI).

The theme for this campaign is Malaysian Flavours in Europe (#MYFlavoursEurope). The aim is to increase the demand for and interest in Malaysian ingredients and tropical fruits in Europe through a series of live and recorded videos and cooking demonstrations.

By working with MAFI, MOMC will produce engaging content that introduces viewers to Malaysian ingredients and tropical fruits, explains where to find them and more.

This content includes live virtual broadcasts presented by MOMC chefs and European guests, instructional cooking videos based on each unique recipe and easy-to-follow guidance on how to cook with a touch of Malaysian flavour.

By bringing Malaysian food closer to Europe, MAFI aims to create exciting, international experiences for cooking enthusiasts around the world (despite travel restrictions) while showcasing and celebrating the rich history and flavour of different Malaysian ingredients.

The proposed schedule runs from 8 – 12 September 2021 and the locations include Germany, The Netherlands, Hungary and the United Kingdom.

The Europe-based virtual cooking demonstrations will be conducted by Rosita Heilek, Leeza Yeo, Elias Mohd, Mazna Merten, Zaleha Olpin and Elias Morad. Celebrity chef, Chef Dato’ Ismail Ahmad, will be joining the MOMC team as the official ambassador of the Malaysian Flavours in Europe campaign to share his love, appreciation and mastery of Malaysian cuisine. 

The cooks involved in the cooking demonstrations will be mentored by MOMC’s elite stable of European and Malaysian cuisine specialists, including MasterChef Malaysia judge Johari Edrus, Michelin-trained chef Rene Johari, world-renowned Nyonya expert Debbie Teoh, and President of the Professional Culinaire Association of Malaysia, Bob Adnin. 

Other online personalities to join the campaign include TV host and TikTok star Mark O’Dea and YouTubers The Jetlag Warriors.  

A brief outline of the campaign – which includes the dishes, presenters and guests – can be found below. 








Rosita Heilek & Leeza Yeo


Forelle with  Salzkartoffeln 

(Sweet & Sour Trout with Salted Potatoes)

Durian Crepes

Frank Jansa


The Netherlands

Elias Mohd

Lasagne with Curry Flavour

Durian Custard Tarts

Salsabella Abbas



Mazna Merten

Beef Stew with Nasi Minyak

Tropical Smoothie with Jackfruit

Hungarian Ambassador to Malaysia 


United Kingdom

Zaleha Olpin

Curried Fish Cakes

Durian Blondie 

(Olpin family)



Elias Morad

Jackfruit Salsa Wraps

Tropical Smoothie with Dragonfruit

Céline Goes




For more information about this campaign, reach out to Jackie M. at jackie@jackiem.com.au or +61 (0) 425 797 718.

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