An Unforgettable Roadtrip – MOMC x Lenovo Tab P11 Plus

Late last year saw some 20 of our Masters of Malaysian Cuisine (MOMC) chefs, YouTuber friends including The JetLag Warriors and The Dodo Explorers, and multi-award winning Malaysian tour guide Shaukani Abbas, meet up in Malaysian to collaborate on a number of projects. 

Left to Right – Paul Gray, Vegan Chef Dave, Michal (Dodo Explorers), Bob Adnin, Rene Johari, Zaleha Olpin, Rosita Heilek, Jackie M., Mazna Merten, Gigi (Dodo Explorers) enroute to Penang courtesy of Penang Global Tourism

These included research and development of our MOMC Durian Cookbook (due to be launched later this year), filming an 8-part video series for Tourism Malaysia Sydney titled Street Food Journeys: Laksas of Malaysia and Malaysia: Melting Pot of Asia, and visiting numerous durian farms courtesy of the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. (More on each of these projects in future posts.)

Vegan Chef Dave recipe-testing for our Durian Cookbook

Across five weeks, we travelled by road throughout the peninsula, sometimes for as long as 7 hours at a stretch, as we raced from one location to another to film, photograph and capture all that Malaysia had to offer after 3 years of Covid lockdowns.

Kuetiau Basah in Penang

Prior to our trip, our planning committee had spent many hours over Zoom discussing the logistics of the tour. One of the main concerns among our group (which included the talented Mazna Merten and Rosita Heilek), was how Noah, my non-verbal special needs child who has Down Syndrome, would be able to tolerate such a gruelling schedule. 

Baby Noah arriving in Penang in the first leg of our 5-week tour

As it turns out, we needn’t have worried – he had the best time ever, engaging with the group, eating lots of food, and being perfectly settled during the hours of long travel. A large part of it was thanks to Noah’s joie de vivre, but we also had a secret weapon courtesy of Lenovo.

MasterChef Malaysia Judge & MOMC founding member Johari Edrus

This came in the form of the Lenovo P11 Plus tablets that had been shipped from Lenovo’s US office to our MOMC chefs for our tour.

Lenovo Tab P11 Plus in action at Courtyard by Marriott Penang

The Lenovo P11 Plus comes with a large 11” screen, sharp and colourful graphics, long battery life, powerful processor and great speakers. All these features made it the perfect travelling companion for our chefs and for Noah while we were on the road.

That Rendang Lady Zaleha Olpin with her Lenovo Tab P11 Plus

Our MOMC chefs took full advantage of the Lenovo tablets and spent countless hours taking lots of food photos and watching their favourite videos during their downtime. The audio was crisp enough even in a moving bus, that when one of the chefs streamed a the soccer game on his Lenovo tablet, it caught Noah’s attention and he was captivated right away. This was a delightful discovery for us, and we have since used that to harness his interest in sport, so thank you, Lenovo! 

MOMC’s Rene Johari, one of the world’s most highly-regarded Malaysian chefs, with his Lenovo Tab P11 Plus

As I look back on this once-in-a-lifetime trip, I am amazed at what we managed to pull off – getting all our chefs and YouTube partners from all over the world to get to Malaysia where the borders had only recently re-opened, lining up a complex itinerary that involved unrelenting amounts of delicious food and travel, plus lots of time spent on the road as we dashed from one destination to the next. 

Yours truly (Jackie M. Tang) with my Lenovo Tab P11 Plus, which I’ve since upgraded to an Android 12 (it came with Android 11)

I’m grateful on behalf of our chefs for the opportunity to experience the Lenovo P11 Plus tablets; the quality has impressed me (as a former IT consultant) and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality tablet at a very reasonable price point. I’ll be covering other technologies in future posts so be sure to keep a lookout, especially if you’re interested in the tools we use to produce the content we do for Masters of Malaysian Cuisine.

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