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When a dish has a popular abbreviation, that’s a sure sign it is beloved by locals! ICT, aka Ikan Celup Tepung, is a deep-fried fish treat that the people of Terengganu queue for – and visitors should follow their lead.

World travellers may recognise the method of ICT as reminiscent of British or Australian fish and chips – without the chips! The batter, though, is very much Malaysia’s own. The recipe, passed down generations of Terengganu families, consists of rice flour, eggs, sugar, pepper, baking soda, turmeric powder and sometimes “secret” ingredients, mixed to form a smooth batter.

Fish, either filleted or whole, depending on the species and the cook’s preference, is dipped in the batter and deep-fried to golden crispness. Some also offer squid, octopus and prawns in the same coating. What makes the serving of ICT different from its international cousins is the pile of crunchy fried crumbs topping the fish – made by drizzling the batter with tongs into the hot oil.

To offset all that fried deliciousness, ICT served with cleansing slices of cucumbers, onions and chilli. It makes a delicious evening snack or dinner meal – just trust those queues!

Shop name:
Warung Pok Nong
Kg Mengabang Telipot, Kuala Nerus

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