Terengganu – Street Food Journeys: Malaysia Episode 5

Terengganu, located on the east coast of the Peninsula of Malaysia, is famous for its pristine beaches and beautiful islands, but its food is not widely known or experienced even by Malaysians, especially those of us who live overseas. In this episode of Street Food Journeys, I rallied the help of Terengganu native and Michelin-trained MOMC chef Rene Juefri, who showed us how to make a local sweet snack called Nekbat.

Watch Street Food Journeys: Malaysia Episode 5 on Terengganu >> https://youtu.be/RU3I_1zjA0w

Also in this episode:

Award-winning Malaysian tour guide Shaukani Abbas talks about places of interest in Terengganu which include Perhentian Island, Kapas Island and Redang Island, and also mentions its impressive museum.

MOMC collaborators The JetLag Warriors spent quite a bit of time in Terengganu during their year-long stay in Malaysia in 2020, and they were able to experience dishes such as Nasi Kerabu, Mee Ikan and Laksa Terengganu. 

German YouTuber and full-time traveller Ken Abroad tried Nasi Dagang bought from a market stall (though he didn’t realise he was meant to eat it with the sauce), and TikTok and YouTube star Mark O’Dea gives us his thoughts on Keropok Lekor.

I adapt the recipe for a popular Terengganu snack, Keropok Lekor (fish sausages), by simplifying it for busy Australian homecooks.

And finally, MOMC’s Johari Edrus and Rene Juefri and also MOMC@Heart’s Leeza Yeo answer the question: “What dishes do you think of when you think of Terengganu?”

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