Masters of Malaysian Cuisine (MOMC) – website – is a group founded by Jackie M. and Paul Gray in June 2020 with a mission to promote Malaysia and Malaysian food to a global audience through both virtual and onsite cooking demonstrations.

The MOMC group is made up of some of the world’s top Malaysian chefs; it currently consists of MasterChef Malaysia judge Johari Edrus, Nyonya expert Debbie Teoh, Vegan sensation Dave Murugaya, Tourism Malaysia Culinary Ambassasdor, restaurateur and TV host Dato’ Ismail Ahmad, That Rendang Lady of MasterChef UK Zaleha Olpin, Sydney’s “high priestess of Malaysian cuisine” Jackie M, President of the Malaysian Professional Culinaire Association Bob Adnin and Michelin-trained 5-star hotel executive chef Rene Juefri. This core group of 8 chefs share a combined online following of over 1,000,000. 

The chefs in MOMC are selected first and foremost for their Malaysian food expertise, and they all cook at a professional level, often with decades of experience behind them.

The MOMC spin-off group, MOMC@Heart, consists of passionate up-and-coming cooks who cater food or run Malaysian cooking classes etc. in their part of the world. Permanent members of MOMC@Heart, even if they only do it as a side hustle, are cooks who are capable of producing food that’s good enough to sell.

MOMC produces cooking videos through virtual Live broadcasts (MOMC Live) and recorded videos (MOMC TV), along with a monthly eMagazine containing recipes from the previous series’ cooking sessions and articles on Malaysian food & travel.

MOMC’s content is uploaded or streamed to multiple online channels on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and IGTV. In the first seven months of its launch, MOMC acquired 769,551 video views.

MOMC is a partner with Facebook Page Apa Kau Rasa (400,000 followers), Tourism Malaysia and the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries. Since its inception, the group has collaborated with celebrities and influencers including Her Majesty Queen Azizah, YouTubers Mark O’Dea and JetLag Warriors, and bestselling cookbook author Lara Lee among many others others.

Download Media Kit here >> MOMC Media Kit