Perlis – Street Food Journeys: Malaysia S2 E2

Located in the rice bowl region of Malaysia, it’s no surprise that rice features in a lot of Perlis’s famous street food, whether in sweet or savoury form. Some examples include kuih dangai, a chewy and crusty sweet snack made with glutinous rice flour and grated coconut, mango sticky rice, and nasi ulam.

In this episode of Street Food Journeys: Malaysia we feature a cooking segment by President and Founder of the Malaysian Club of Germany, Rosita Heilek, on how to make Nasi Ulam (a herbed rice salad) and Asam Rebus Keladi (a spicy and sour taro stew).

Ikan Bakar (grilled fish) is popular all over Malaysia, but the version found in Perlis is unique in that it’s cooked with butter and condensed milk.  I demonstrate this quick and easy way to prepare this famous Perlis street food recipe using Australian barramundi, along with a separate segment on how to make kuih dangai, which I found so irresistible that I had to make it again later the same week.  (By the way, the second time I made kuih dangai, I toasted it further on my new grill after it came out of the oven, which created the effect seen in the photo in this post.)

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Other segments in this Perlis episode:

Shaukani Abbas provides his Top 3 Perlis destination highlights, The JetLag Warriors experience Mango Sticky Rice (thanks to Perlis’s location in the northernmost part of the Malaysian peninsula bordering Thailand, a lot of the cuisine shares some similarities with Thai food), and Ken Abroad gives his verdict on Perlis as compared to all the other states he’s visited in Malaysia.

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