Kelantan – Street Food Journeys: Malaysia S2 E3

Kelantan translates as “The Land of Lightning” – it is located in the north east of the Malaysian peninsula and it shares a border with Thailand.

Kelantan’s lifestyle is rural and the state is filled with hidden gems for those looking for adventure and ecotourist activities. Kelantan’s culture, arts and craft, food, and even language is very different to what you would find in other parts of Malaysia.

I was introduced to Kelantan food a few years ago when I made a short trip there, and I am a huge fan of its unique flavours. You will find dishes in Kelantan that you have never come across even if, like me, you were born and raised in Malaysia.

In this episode of Street Food Journeys: Malaysia, Masters of Malaysian Cuisine chef Rene Juefri demonstrates how to make a delicious Kelantan snack called Cucur Topi (literally, hat fritter, because of its hat shape). I love Nasi Kerabu – an iconic Kelantan dish which consists of rice steeped in blue pea flower extract and a number of condiments including stuffed chillies braised in coconut sauce (solok lada), spicy shredded coconut (serunding) and fish crackers (keropok ikan) – so that’s what I’m making in my cooking segment.

Watch the replay of Kelantan – Street Food Journeys: Malaysia Series 2 Episode 3 here >> https://youtu.be/Ib9k5iQ0sIM

Shaukani Abbas gives us his Top 3 Kelantan destination highlights, watch how they make Nasi Tumpang – a tall, cone-shaped layered rice parcel wrapped in banana leaf – at Min House Camp, and The JetLag Warriors and Ken Abroad taste-test some Kelantan snacks (known as “kuih” in Malay).

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