Kuala Lumpur – Street Food Journeys: Malaysia S2 E1

Street Food Journeys: Malaysia returns with a second series and this time, we turn our focus on the famous street food of Kuala Lumpur. If Malaysia is the melting pot of Asia, then KL can be considered the melting pot of Malaysia; you can find just about any type of Malaysian cuisine represented here, thanks to her inhabitants drawn from all corners of the country.

Among the many street food dishes for which Kuala Lumpur is famous, are Curry Laksa, which was recently ranked #2 on Lonely Planet’s “Ultimate Eat List”, and Ban Chean Kuih (also known as Apam Balik), a pancake filled with crushed peanuts, sugar and other delectable options such as creamed sweet corn, condensed milk, chocolate and even cheese.

Masters of Malaysian Cuisine’s Debbie Teoh, who resides in Kuala Lumpur, shows us her easy recipe for Ban Chean Kuih, whilst I made Curry Laksa in my cooking segment (truthfully, I was going to make KL Hokkien Mee until the Lonely Planet list came out).

Watch the replay of Street Food Journeys: Kuala Lumpur here >> https://youtu.be/YGN8__LmLlk or just click play in the video below

This episode also features YouTubers Ken Abroad exploring the food scene in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown aka Petaling Street, and The JetLag Warriors trying the iconic Malaysian Ramly Burger.

Award-winning Malaysian tour guide Shaukani Abbas gives us his Top 3 Kuala Lumpur destination highlights, and, in lieu of my ditched plan to do a KL Hokkien Mee cooking segment, we’ve instead included footage of a hawker in Kuala Lumpur cooking the dish, from one of my past trips there (fun fact – I asked for a pork-free version since I don’t eat pork, took the dish to a foodie meetup which I had arranged, and it was voted best dish of the night).

All the recipes from this series can be found in the free recipe eMagazine which was published in partnership with Tourism Malaysia. If you’d like to get your hands on all our recipe eMags, make sure you join our mailing list at MalaysianChefs.com/StreetFoodJourneys.

Don’t forget to check out the entire Street Food Journeys series, which you can find on YouTube.com/JackieM πŸ™‚

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