Biskut Raya Challenge Malaysian Club Deutschland 2021

Malaysians love a celebration, and many of us reminisce about the days growing up in Malaysia where we could celebrate the biggest festivals of each ethnic group and enjoy the food offerings that are unique to each of them. Some of us have lived overseas for decades, but we do try to relive these celebrations in our own ways, by getting dressed up and holding get-togethers with other overseas Malaysians.

The Malaysian Club Deutschland (MCD) is no different – it holds a Hari Raya event annually in Frankfurt. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it could not take place this year.

Rather than cancel festivities completely, however, the club’s president, Rosita Heilek, along with Leeza Yeo, came up with the idea to run a Biskut Raya (Hari Raya Cookies) Challenge in its place. MCD club members were invited to enter their Biskut Raya to be judged by a blind tasting panel, and over the course of Ramadan, entries came in from all over Germany.

Hari Raya Cookies aka biskut raya from the MCD #biskutrayachallenge

The event was supported by the following:

Malaysian Consul General in Frankfurt and MCD Patron Mr Farzamie Sarkawi

Trade Commissioner MATRADE Frankfurt, Mr Badrul Hisham Hilal

Director of Tourism Malaysia Frankfurt, Mr Rosman Ahmad

President of the Malaysian Club Deutschland Rosita Heilek with the judges (from left) Mr. Rosman Ahmad, Mr. Farzamie Sarkawi and Mrs. Sherrina Kushairi Kushna

The judging event was held at the Malaysian Consulate in Frankfurt, and broadcast Live on Masters of Malaysian Cuisine’s platforms, to over 6000 viewers.

The Kuih Raya/Cookies were judged based on presentation, texture and taste.

The judging panel consisted of:

The Consul General of Malaysia in Frankfurt and MCD Patron – En. Farzamie Sarkawi

The Director of Tourism Malaysia in Frankfurt – En. Rosman bin Ahmad

Spouse to PPPL Director, Frankfurt – Pn. Sherrina Kushairi Kushna

The judges blind tasting the entries for the #biskutrayachallenge

Here below is the winners announcement by Malaysian Club Deutschland:

We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s live blind judging, powered by MOMC (Masters of Malaysian Cuisine) at the Consulate General of Malaysia, Frankfurt.

1st Prize/Amazon Voucher €100
Goes to: Sugee Peanut Makmur/Makmur Suji Kacang by Sheila Abel

2nd Prize/Amazon Voucher €75 goes to:
“Melt in Your Mouth” Cookies/Kuih Bangkit by Ismail Jamaluddin

3rd Prize/Amazon Voucher €50 goes to:
Pineapple Tart/Tart Nenas by Juliah Rais-Morres

All winners will also receive an A5 sized hardback notebook & a woven shopping bag each, kindly sponsored by Tourism Malaysia, Frankfurt.

Thank you once again to all participants for your time & effort given to MCD’s #biskutrayachallenge. We are honoured with your overwhelming interest in this activity, which has added more colour to this year’s Raya celebration during these unprecedented times!

Some of the Malaysian snacks and refreshments for the attendees at the Malaysian Consulate, Frankfurt

MOMC is proud to have partnered with Malaysian Club Deutschland and in particular with our MOMC@Heart chefs Leeza Yeo and Rosita Heilek for their tireless work in bringing overseas Malaysians together through a mutual love of food.

Jackie M.

Watch the replay of the Biskut Raya Challenge here >>

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