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Curry laksa is one of the best-known Malaysian laksas, at least to someone from outside Malaysia!

The origin of the name laksa is unclear, although it’s thought to be derived from the Hindi or Persian “lakhska,” referring to the type of vermicelli. Others speculate the name comes from the Sanskrit word “laksha,” meaning “many”, a nod to the spicy soup’s numerous ingredients. It’s also like the Mandarin phrase “la sha” or “spicy sand,” perhaps a reference to the gritty sediment left in the bowl.

The many different types of laksa throughout peninsular Malaysia can be split into two main categories: a coconut-based soup, and asam laksa (asam means sour), which is soured with tamarind or asam keping.

Curry laksa has a coconut milk base. Compared to similar laksas, it is heavier on curry spices. It’s made by creating a spice paste from onions, chillies, chilli powder, curry powder, dried shrimp and lemongrass. Then coconut milk is added to create a broth. When the broth is poured over softened rice vermicelli noodles, it’s topped with a range of proteins, from tofu fish balls, fish cakes, blood cockles (quite a delicacy and hard to find outside Southeast Asia), plus greens and beansprouts.

Curry laksa is popular in the southern states, particularly in Kuala Lumpur and Negeri Sembilan, although different variations can be found across the Malaysian peninsula. You can find it served with egg noodles (mee), hard-boiled egg, long beans, prawns and even a prawn-based broth. Penang has a similar version, called curry mee.

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Famous Malaysian cuisine is a 50-video series produced by Masters of Malaysian cuisine(MOMC) in partnership with Tourism Malaysia.

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