MOMC Shares Chinese New Year Recipes With Gong Xi Kongsi

Well, the wait is over – after a much-needed break, Masters of Malaysian Cuisine is back with the first Live series of 2021, which will run on Wednesdays 4pm and Fridays 9pm Kuala Lumpur time.

As we lead up to, and during the 15-day celebration of Chinese New Year, our chefs will be sharing recipes for the festive season through twice-weekly virtual Live cooking demonstrations which you can catch on our YouTube channel, on several Facebook pages/groups and, of course, right here at

Check our broadcast schedules on social media to find out what we’ll be cooking; they range from traditional Chinese favourites like Yee Sang (raw fish salad, by yours truly ie. Jackie M.), to recipes that are influenced by Malaysia’s other ethnic groups.

As mentioned in my previous dispatch, our core MOMC chefs are busy behind the scenes working on MOMC TV, which will be replacing the previous Live format of MOMC Mondays.

That, coupled with their general workload at this time of the year, means we’ve expanded our MOMC@Heart spin-off group and brought in some new faces to cook for us in this series.

I hope you will help me to welcome first-time MOMC@Heart Malaysian cooks Victoria Van Bennekum in The Netherlands, and Mazna Merten in Hungary. Also joining us for the first time is someone who’s a familiar face on Australian television, Alor Setar girl Sue Ann Ooi from reality cooking show My Kitchen Rules.

The African continent will be represented by Penang boy Liam Ghani of, and our MOMC co-founder Paul Gray, both of whom are in South Africa.

Raw Chef Yin returns from last season with another vegan recipe, and Germany-based Leeza Yeo (who helped me with scheduling and coming up with the theme for this series) will also be cooking for us, as is her good friend and everybody’s favourite celebrity chef, Dato’ Ismail Ahmad of Kuala Lumpur’s Restoran Rebung.

Also, we will finally get to see our new core MOMC Chef  and one of the world’s most acclaimed and in-demand Nyonya experts Debbie Teoh demonstrate two recipes for us.

MOMC Chef Rene Juefri joins me in sharing co-hosting duties for all but Leeza and Chef Ismail’s sessions; they will be tag-teaming each other’s demos.

We are working very hard to bring in a surprise guest but I’m not at liberty to say anything at this stage, so stay tuned for what is hopefully some very exciting news ahead.

One FINAL note, I know we’ve experimented with different formats and language mediums for our Wednesday/Friday broadcasts; after some discussions, we’ve decided to go full-Malaysian in this series.

In other words, since most of our viewers are Malaysians overseas and in Malaysia, we’re going the whole “Malaysian” route by speaking the way Malaysians speak – which often means a mix of two or more languages (that’s the beauty of growing up in a multi-lingual, multi-ethnic country).

We hope to create a virtual home for Malaysians all over the world who share a love for Malaysian food through these live sessions. And maybe help international viewers to brush up on “Malaysian-speak” before their next visit to Malaysia 🙂

MOMC TV, which launches in the first week of March, however, will remain fully in English.

Jackie M.

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