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Have you ever heard of asam pedas? Meaning “sour-spicy,” it’s a fish soup originating in the Malay area of Sumatra and found all over Malaysia, especially in areas with a high concentration of Malay and Minangkabau populations.

Asam pedas is seasoned with chilli, tamarind paste and other spices to create a distinctive sour and spicy flavour profile that really packs a punch. The sourness element is the tamarind paste, while the spiciness lies in chilli peppers, chilli powder or sometimes both. Depending on where you’re eating it, it may also include lemongrass or shallots for nuance and complexity. It’s often served with rice or coconut milk to balance out the strong flavour.

Many restaurants in Melaka, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, and Johor Bahru specialise in this dish, and street vendors serve up their own unique versions. When ordering it, you can usually choose between different types of fish – mackerel and sea bass are common. If offered, don’t hesitate to choose your preferred level of spiciness: mild for the cautious, or extra spicy for the more daring.

Besides being incredibly flavourful, asam pedas is surprisingly healthy: it’s packed with fresh fish and vegetables and low in fat and kilojoules. For the full experience, order steamed rice on the side to enjoy with the soup.

Shop name:
Asam Pedas Pondok Otek
Jalan Tebing Tinggi,
75450 Bukit Katil
019 685 5445

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