Free Malaysian Recipe eMag #MYFlavoursEurope

The MAFI-MOMC recipe eMagazine for our recent #MYFlavoursEurope campaign, which Masters of Malaysian Cuisine ran in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries of Malaysia, is now available for you to download and enjoy for free, so don’t miss out on getting your free Malaysian recipe emag!

Here’s the link for you to view or save it to your local computer >> MYFlavoursEurope eMag

MAFI Europe eMagazine download - Free Malaysian Recipe eMag
Get yourFree Malaysian Recipe eMag, in partnership with Mr Mohamed Salim & Agriculture Counsellor Office The Hague

In keeping with the theme of the series, “Bringing A Touch Of Malaysia To Europe”, the recipes consist of creative ways our Europe-based MOMC chefs combine Malaysian and European ingredients and cooking styles to produce delicious new taste sensations.

Malaysian tropical fruits such as durian, jackfruit and dragonfruit are featured in recipes such as durian custard tart, durian crepe, jackfruit smoothie, durian blondie and dragonfruit smoothie.

Savoury recipes include the following:

Sweet and Sour Trout by Rosita Heilek and Leeza Yeo in Germany

Lasagne with Curry Flavours by Elias Mohd and Salsabila Abbas in The Netherlands

Hungarian Beef Stew with Sambal served with Nasi Minyak by Mazna Merten in Hungary

Curried Fish Cakes by Zaleha Olpin in The United Kingdom

Jackfruit Salsa Wraps with Rendang Flavour by Elias Morad in Germany

This special edition MAFI-MOMC eMag includes a Q&A which provides an insight into the Malaysian Agriculture Counsellor Office (ACO) in The Hague and the people behind it, in particular the Agriculture Counsellor Mr. Muhamed Salim and the Agriculture First Secretary, Ms. Fariha.

The recipes also contain QR code links to each of the virtual cooking sessions, so if you missed the original broadcast or you need a refresher for how to recreate these dishes in your kitchen, just scan or click on the QR Codes to be taken to the replays.

We’d love for you to share this free Malaysian recipe eMagazine with your friends and family, and make sure you tag us (@malaysianchefs) if you attempt any of the dishes and post them on social media!

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    1. Awesome, thanks for catching the broadcast, Su, I’ll send the recipes to everyone’s inbox as soon as I’ve done them!

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