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Taufu fah is a popular soybean curd dessert in Ipoh. Its origins date back to the Han dynasty around 200-100 BCE, but the version found in Malaysia has added its own unique spin with toppings such as gula melaka (Malaysian palm sugar).

The dessert is a quite simple treat, but the effort that goes into making it isn’t simple in the least. Taufu fah consists of two main parts: the solidified bean curd and the sugar syrup.

The curd is made by processing soybeans to extract the milk, creating soy milk but with a specific pH level necessary for the milk set. It’s mixed with a coagulate – a powder that transforms it into a solid form – and left to set.

The sugar syrup can come in a couple different forms, but the most popular is ginger syrup. Sugar is boiled with ginger slices and pandan (screwpine) leaves, then strained and cooled before serving.

Taufu fah is one of the many Ipoh dishes popularised by the influx of Chinese immigrants working in the surrounding tin mines. Some of the most popular shops are near Concubine Lane, a tourist attraction that was a hot spot for brothels in the 19th century.

Ding Feng Taufu Fah
11, Jalan Bijeh Timah,
30000 Ipoh.
(016-464 5208)

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