Negeri Sembilan – Street Food Journeys: Malaysia S2 E4

Negeri Sembilan is located on the west coast of the peninsular of Malaysia, just south of Kuala Lumpur, and it’s my home state. Negeri Sembilan was settled by the Minangkabau people from Sumatra in the 15th century and they brought with them their culture, their distinctive architecture, their traditions, their language and their food, all of which remain to this day.

I grew up in the state capital of Seremban, which is a former tin mining town, and my parents used to be hawkers before our family upgraded to selling snacks at the Odeon cinema canteen in Seremban. The dishes for which Seremban is famous include Seremban Siew Pao (baked buns) and Seremban beef noodles or Ngau Lam fun, both of which I used to make and sell in my restaurant here in Sydney, and also Hakka Mee and cendol.

Malay food in Negeri Sembilan uses a generous amount of bird’s eye chilli so they tend to be very spicy; some famous Malay dishes include Negeri Sembilan-style rendang, daging salai or smoked meat, and masak lemak cili api.

This episode of Street Food Journeys: Malaysia features Seremban Beef Noodles (aka Ngau Lam Fun in Cantonese) by yours truly, and Lempeng Pisang (Banana Pancake) by Tourism Malaysia Culinary Ambassador and TV chef Dato’ Ismail Ahmad, who happens to be from Rembau in Negeri Sembilan.

Watch the replay of Negeri Sembilan – Street Food Journeys: Malaysia here >> https://youtu.be/6PHCy-MaLzQ

Also featured in this episode are:

  • tour guide Shaukani Abbas on his Top 3 Destination Highlights for Negeri Sembilan
  • David Teh on a food hunt in Seremban featuring Seremban Siew Pao (baked buns), cendol (shaved ice and mung bean noodle dessert) and rojak mamak (spicy vegetable and fritter salad)
  • The JetLag Warriors tasting famous Negeri Sembilan dishes daging salai (smoked meat) and masak lemak cili api (a fiery bird’s eye chilli  and rich coconut milk-based dish)

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Don’t forget to check out the entire Street Food Journeys series, which you can find on YouTube.com/JackieM 🙂


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