How to Cook Trout with Sweet & Sour Sauce | Durian Crepes – #MYFlavoursEurope 1

The global pandemic has definitely put a hold on how and how often we can experience authentic, local cuisine from different regions around the world. Cooking enthusiasts and foodies from all over the globe have resorted to recreating their favourite international dishes, trying new and exciting ingredients and even virtually exploring the world through food – right from their own kitchen. 


That’s exactly what we did during our #MYFlavoursEurope campaign. The Masters of Malaysian Cuisine (MOMC) brought chefs together from different countries to share their love and mastery of Malaysian cuisine in our 5-part video series. Instead of simply teaching the audience how to cook Malaysian food, they showed them how to use popular Malaysian ingredients in their own recipes and dishes. 

Our very first instalment was broadcasted from Germany on the 8th of September by two very capable and quite charming cooks. You can watch the video below. 

Rosita Heilek, who credits her love of cooking to her mom, has been living abroad for 30 years. This has taught Rosita to cleverly adapt traditional Malaysian recipes using readily-available local ingredients to produce food that is quick, easy and delicious.

Leeza Yeo takes a no-nonsense and respectful approach to the art of cooking. Armed with an infectious smile, Leeza cooks with the sheer joy of sharing her love and appreciation for her heritage with the world. 

Together, they walked viewers through their version of a Sweet and Sour Forelle (trout) with Salzkartoffeln (salted potatoes). By using Sudee Sweet and Sour sauce, they added a touch of Malaysian flavour to a traditionally German dish. 

To complement their main dish, our two chefs, joined by their guest, Frank Jansa, made durian crepes. If you’re not sure how to eat durian fruit, then this is the way to go. Despite this strangely spikey fruit’s strong smell, when made correctly, it tastes like custard mixed with almonds, making it the perfect addition to familiar favourites like crepes. 

We’re incredibly proud that our very first broadcast was presented by these two talented cooks, and we’re excited to see which European and Malaysian recipes the rest of our team will be sharing throughout the rest of the campaign! 

Download the Sweet and Sour Trout recipe here – Sweet & Sour Trout by Rosita Heilek & Leeza Yeo

Download the Durian Crepe recipe here – Durian Crepe by Rosita Heilek & Leeza Yeo

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