How To Make Snowy Cheesecake Durian

This recipe for Snowy Cheesecake Durian by Siti Zaleha was one of two winning submissions for our recent #MYFlavoursEurope recipe competition, based on the theme of Bringing Malaysian Flavours Closer to Europe by combining Malaysian ingredients and tropical fruits with European flavours and cooking styles to produce delicious results.

Siti Zaleha’s recipe met all the criteria, in mixing Malaysia’s king of fruits – durian – with cheese and cream cheese, and turning it into a scrumptious cake.

Snowy Cheesecake Durian

by Siti Zaleha

Sponge Cake Recipe:

4 Grade A eggs 

180g caster sugar

150g cake flour

70g fresh milk

5g baking powder (1 tsp)

15g ovalette

50g corn oil or melted butter

1 tsp vanilla essence (oil-based)


  1. Combine cake flour and baking powder; sift.
  2. Add all other ingredients in dough mixer except oil.
  3. Mix on slow to start, then increase speed.
  4. Turn off the dough mixer once mixture is fluffy.
  5. Add oil or melted butter and fold with spatula.
  6. Transfer into an 8-inch mould lined with greased baking paper.
  7. Bake in pre-heated oven at 170C (top and bottom heat) for 30-35 minutes.

Durian Cream Cheese Recipe:

500g durian pulp

500g cream cheese

300g whipped cream

3 TBPS sugar

½ cup fresh milk

250g cheddar cheese

3 pieces of durian, for decoration


  1. Whip cream cheese until soft. Add sugar and fresh milk; mix well.
  2. Add whipped cream and whisk until firm.
  3. Add durian pulp and mix.
  4. Cut cake into 4 layers.
  5. Layer with cream cheese, followed by durian pulp, then cake; repeat with remaining layers.
  6. Spread cream cheese on the entire surface of cake and sprinkle with grated cheddar cheese.
  7. Finish off with durian pieces on top.

Siti Zaleha’s original Snowy Durian Cheesecake recipe in Malay can be found HERE.

Congratulations to Siti Zaleha and I hope you enjoy your prizes, valued at over RM1,000!

Jackie M. for Masters of Malaysian Cuisine

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