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Famous Malaysian Cuisine – MOMC’s Most Ambitious Project Yet

Earlier this year, Masters of Malaysian Cuisine (MOMC) wrapped up our most ambitious project yet – a 50-video collaboration between Tourism Malaysia and our group, titled Famous Malaysian Cuisine.

The videos aim to showcase Malaysia’s food (and fruit) offerings, and also interview the hawkers behind some of the most famous stalls and restaurants that serve these dishes around the country.  You will soon be able to watch the videos on MOMC’s YouTube channel (YouTube.com/@momc), and our social media platforms, as well as on Tourism Malaysia’s Interactive Digital Brochure.

Each 2-3-min video consists of an introduction to the dish by a Masters of Malaysian Cuisine chef/cook, followed by footage showing how the dish is prepared and served at the featured stall or eatery, along with the hawker’s origin story.

The project scope covered the following:

  • Research on 50 famous Malaysian dishes 
  • Location scouting for iconic eateries/destinations suitable for filming
  • Submission of storyboard for Tourism Malaysia approval prior to filming
  • 11 filming days across 5 states in Malaysia with a team of 8 professional film crew led by an award-winning director
  • 3 filming days in Australia, the United Kingdom and Dubai with separate video crews for on-camera segments with our internationally-based chefs
  • Interviews with 50 eatery owners or their representatives
  • On-camera segments of all 50 videos by 9 of our Masters of Malaysian Cuisine chefs
  • 50 professionally-written 200-300-word articles corresponding with the 50 dishes covered in the project
  • Translations and subtitles for 50 videos
  • Photography of the 50 dishes along with behind-the-scenes pictures 
  • Creation of destination b-rolls for each of the 5 destinations, and inclusion of same in each video
  • Post-production and editing of 50 videos based on Tourism Malaysia’s input and feedback
  • Dissemination of content across our Masters of Malaysian Cuisine social and digital platforms and that of our individual chefs 

The table below lists the dishes/fruit in the series, along with the associated eateries/stalls/farms and MOMC presenters.

Dish Name Eatery/Place Name Location MOMC Chef Presenter
1 Pomelo Tambun Pomelo GoChin Agro farm Perak Dave Murugaya
2 Yau Char Kway & Ham Chim Peng Happy Ghost Perak Debbie Teoh
3 Salt-baked Chicken Aung Kheng Lim Perak Debbie Teoh
4 Chicken Kuetiau & Ipoh Beansprouts Onn Kee Restaurant Perak Jackie M.
5 Ipoh White Coffee Chang Jiang Coffee Perak Zaleha Olpin
6 Taufu Fah Diing Feng Taufu Fah Perak Zaleha Olpin
7 Nasi Biryani Biryani Muar Legend KL Bob Adnin
8 Hakka Beef Noodles Shin Kee Beef Noodles KL Dato’ Ismail Ahmad
9 Curry Laksa Restoran Meisek KL Dato’ Ismail Ahmad
10 KL Hokkien Mee Kim Lian Kee KL Dato’ Ismail Ahmad
11 Banana Leaf Curry Maya Bangsar KL Dave Murugaya
12  Hakka Thunder Tea Hakka Lei Cha KL Dave Murugaya
13 Karipap Sri Kortumalai Pillayar Restaurant KL Dave Murugaya
14 Ikan Bakar Ikan Bakar Seri Melaka Jalan Bellamy KL Tawfik Farid
15 Daging Salai Masak Lemak Cili Kampung KL Johari Edrus
16 Muah Chee No. 81 Mochi KL Zaleha Olpin
17 Putu Bambu Putu Bambu Tradisi KL Zaleha Olpin
18 Asam Pedas Asam Pedas Pondok Otek  Melaka Tawfik Farid
19 Laksa Nyonya Rasa Sayang Food Court Melaka Jackie M.
20 Kuih Keria Sira Kuih Keria Antarabangsa Limbongan (Hjh Rahmah) Melaka Rene Johari
21 Coconut Shake Klebang Original Coconut Shake Melaka Rene Johari
22 Nasi Kandar Nasi Kandar Imigresen Pulau Pinang Bob Adnin
23 Penang Chee Cheong Fun Yan Foo Chee Cheong Fun Pulau Pinang Dato’ Ismail
24 Hainanese Chicken Rice Ah Choon Chicken Rice Pulau Pinang Dato’ Ismail
25 Teochew Cendol Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul Pulau Pinang Dave Murugaya
26 Penang Hokkien Mee Granny’s Hokkien Mee Pulau Pinang Debbie Teoh
27 Pasembur Kareem Pasembur Rojak Pulau Pinang Tawfik Farid
28 Mee Sotong Mamak Hameed Pata Mee Sotong Pulau Pinang Tawfik Farid
29 Char Koay Teow Siam Road Char Koay Teow Pulau Pinang Jackie M.
30 Asam Laksa Bisu Asam Laksa Pulau Pinang Jackie M.
31 Char Koay Kak Sister Yao’s Char Koay Kak Pulau Pinang Jackie M.
32 Roti Jala Warisan Bonda Pulau Pinang Rene Johari
33 Lontong  Rumah Lontong Pulau Pinang Rene Johari
34 Rojak Buah Penang Rojak Ho Wei Jeng (101 Rojak) Pulau Pinang Zaleha Olpin
35 Roti Bakar Roti Bakar Hutton Lane Pulau Pinang Zaleha Olpin
36 Durian DKing Selangor Johari Edrus
37 Nasi Lemak Nasi Lemak Tamparuli Selangor Bob Adnin
38 Roti Ccanai Delima Roti Canai Selangor Dave Murugaya
39 Asam Prawns Little Heritage Selangor Debbie Teoh
40 Penang Koay Teow Th’ng Restoran Hong Kee Selangor Debbie Teoh
41 Ambra Juice Meisek Restaurant Selangor Debbie Teoh
42 Nasi kerabu Nasi Kerabu Ala Siam by Kak Su Terengganu Bob Adnin
43 Laksa Kuah Merah Laksa Beseng Cik Ros Terengganu Jackie M.
44 Laksa Kuah Putih Laksa Cafe Batu Rakit Terengganu Jackie M.
45 Nasi Dagang Nasi Dagang Kak Pah Batu Burok Terengganu Johari Edrus
46 Keropok Lekor Keropok Lekor Sg. Rengas Terengganu Johari Edrus
47 Ikan Celupp Tepung Warung Pok Nong Terengganu Johari Edrus
48 Pulut Panggang Pulut Lepa Ladang Terengganu Johari Edrus
49 Kuih Akok Kuih Akok Tembaga Terengganu Rene Johari
50 Ayam Percik Warung Cekta Gulai Serati Terengganu Rene Johari


Due to time and logistical constraints, we were unable to get to as many places or feature as many dishes as we would have liked; please treat this set of 50 videos as only the starting point rather than the be all and end all of what Malaysia has to offer from a culinary standpoint.

I’m grateful for the talented production team led by award-winning director Kionz Chan for their part in this project, and, of course, for our MOMC chefs and my MOMC co-founder and video editor Paul Gray for pulling this together within a very short schedule. A special shoutout goes to my brother Wilfred and my sister-in-law Winnie who were invaluable in helping to translate all the different Chinese dialects spoken by some of the hawkers in the videos (my Cantonese and Hakka weren’t up to par).

I will be sharing the videos and associated articles on this website in the coming weeks, so keep a lookout for them in my upcoming posts.

Jackie M. Tang,

Masters of Malaysian Cuisine.

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