Tourism Malaysia Australia Partners with Jackie M for Street Food Journeys: Malaysia

Tourism Malaysia Australia is delighted to partner with Malaysian-born, Sydney-based hawker food expert Jackie M. to produce an 8-part video series titled Street Food Journeys: Malaysia.

Each 20-minute episode covers a different Malaysian state, with a focus on its famous hawker dishes. The viewer is then transported to the kitchen where Jackie M and her celebrity chef friends from Masters of Malaysian Cuisine (MOMC) demonstrate how to recreate these dishes at home using locally-available ingredients.

“I’m excited at the opportunity to celebrate Malaysia’s hawker offerings and to honour the people behind the food”, says the show’s host and producer Jackie M, whose own parents used to sell street food back in her hometown of Seremban.

She continues,“Covid-19 means we have to wait a little longer before we can travel again, but this series gives everyone a chance to virtually explore Malaysia’s diverse street food offerings and use it to inform their future travel plans to Malaysia.”

Co-producer Paul Gray says, “This is a culinary travel show with a difference, in that you get to learn how to make the dishes we’ll be showcasing, from some of the top Malaysian chefs in the world”.

Apart from the MOMC chefs, the series will also feature Kuala Lumpur-based YouTube and TikTok star Mark O’Dea, and multi-award winning Malaysian tour guide Shaukani Abbas.

The series airs on multiple platforms and channels online starting 2 May 2021, with a new episode to be released every Sunday evening at 9pm AEST:

Episode 1: Melaka

Episode 2: Johor

Episode 3: Pahang

Episode 4: Perak

Episode 5: Terengganu

Episode 6: Penang

Episode 7: Kedah

Episode 8: Sarawak

For more details, contact:

Jackie M.

Ph: +61 (0) 425 797 718


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