Malaysian Heritage Cuisine Survey Hamper Winners And More

We recently asked our community to provide feedback to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries of Malaysia by completing a survey on Malaysian food. As an added incentive, the Agriculture Counsellor Office of Sydney offered some product hampers as Giveaways, which we allocated to the first 14 people who completed the survey AND responded by providing a Sydney-based address. All other survey respondents (ie. non-geographically restricted) qualify for access to two of Jackie M’s eCookbooks – Truly Malaysian Street Food At Home and Truly Malaysian Breakfasts (valued at USD$12).

Each hamper contains a pack of AgroMas Ketupat Mini (compressed rice squares), AgroMas Pes Soto Muar (Muar Noodle Soup Paste), AgroMas White Coffee Sachet, and Pak Chips Pumpkin Chips

Here are the winners of the hampers:

Winnie (Wyn Rosen)

Siti Norshaizma

Lisa Siah

Ann Caroll

Sarah Tedjasukmana


Sophia Foo

Lynn Lee

Mala Puru

Leong Soon Tan

Lisa Danker

Jessica Mah 

Ann Chong

Margaret Gidley-Baird

If your name is on this list, I already have your delivery address; your products will be delivered over the next week, so no further action required to claim your hamper.

For everyone else who did the survey, you will be notified via email in the next week about how to access my eCookbooks online. If you haven’t had a chance to do the survey, you have until this Friday 16 April to do so, in order to get my eCookbooks free. Just click on this link to get started: MAFI SURVEY

eBook versions of Jackie M’s Truly Malaysian Street Food At Home and Truly Malaysian Breakfasts

Congratulations to everyone who won the MAFI hampers and thank you for doing the survey as it will help MAFI to be able to understand your needs when it comes to Malaysian food and ingredients.


Jackie M.

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