Chef Dato’ Ismail Ahmad Joins #MYFlavoursEurope As Official Ambassador

I am thrilled to announce that Chef Dato’ Ismail Ahmad has joined our MAFI-MOMC #MYFlavoursEurope campaign as the official ambassador.

Chef Dato’ Ismail Ahmad is the proud owner of and head chef at Restaurant Rebung, which is conveniently located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He entertains, educates and excites people around the world with his recreations of traditional Malaysian cuisine.

Not only has Chef Ismail appeared on various cooking shows in the past, but he continues to blow patrons and guests away with his creative flair and entertaining personality. He’s been described as down to earth, friendly and deeply passionate about creating good food and even greater dining experiences.

After training at and graduating from the Mara University of Technology in Hotel Management and Catering, Chef Ismail has gained a strong technical and educational background in the culinary arts that’s helped him carve out a lucrative and exciting career as a professional chef. He spends his time traveling to different countries and introducing others to the rich flavours and history of traditional Malaysian cuisine.

With more than three decades of experience, Chef Ismail is now a highly skilled culinary authority. His welcoming and warm nature make him one of the most endearing and authentic cooking personalities that the industry has ever seen. Largely inspired by his mother and grandmother, his cooking style has earned him global recognition on his journey to sharing Malaysian flavours with the world.

As an ambassador for Malaysian cooking, he’s attended some of the most popular culinary events around the world to represent his home country with pride and excitement.

He’s completely captured the hearts and palates of people everywhere, and now, as one of Malaysia’s top chefs, Chef Ismail is joining the MOMC team as the official ambassador of the #MYFlavoursEurope campaign.

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