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Ipoh is famous for its hor fun or rice noodles, in particular chicken with rice noodles. One variation on the theme is Chicken Kuetiau, typically served as a bowl of rice noodles in broth with a side of poached chicken and Ipoh beansprouts.

The chicken is like the meat in Hainanese chicken rice, poached and drizzled with a soy and sesame oil-based sauce.

The beansprouts are labelled very clearly as “Ipoh Beansprouts” because they differ from the usual mung bean sprouts found throughout Malaysia. Ipoh’s beansprouts are so highly prized because they are fat and crunchy, believed to be due to the concentration of limestone in the water.

When you order chicken kuetiau, there’s a choice of noodles in a dry style or in a chicken stock-based broth. The rice noodles in Ipoh are so delicate and silky smooth that they often slip off your chopsticks, but once you get them in your mouth it’s well-worth the effort. The dish usually has a topping of spring onion and chives, and sometimes fried shallots.

The dish shares many similarities to southern Chinese and Cantonese cuisine. As such, it’s popular in Ipoh’s Chinese community, a large majority of whom have Cantonese origins.

Chicken kuetiau isn’t as popular as its brother, Kai Si Hor Fun (shredded chicken rice noodles), but for the chicken lover it’s just as rewarding.

Onn Kee Restaurant
49 Jalan Yau Tet Shin, Ipoh
0 16-443 2090


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