MOMC Grows Up! What To Expect This Season

I know this dispatch is a bit late (some of you have been asking why we haven’t had any new broadcasts in the last 2 weeks); that’s because we’ve all been recovering from the hectic wrap to the first 6 months of Masters of Malaysian Cuisine. And what  a rollercoaster ride it’s been!

Since MOMC launched in June of 2020, we’ve generated hundreds of thousands of views on our videos, which we stream across multiple channels and platforms (we’re behind on collating our stats but in one month alone we received nearly 145,000). 

The highlight by any measure was having Her Majesty Queen Azizah of Malaysia cook for us live on air for 90 minutes in our final demo to wrap up the year.

Here’s the replay if you missed it Live – 

So what’s in store for our upcoming season? First of all, MOMC Mondays is graduating to MOMC TV – this will be a recorded online cooking show launching in March 2021. 

Our MOMC chefs are working hard behind the scenes on Series 1 of MOMC TV which will focus on Chef Johari Edrus’s specialty, Eclectic Cuisine. 

We are also excited to welcome one of the most highly-respected Nyonya chefs in the world, Debbie Teoh, into our MOMC group. More details about Debbie and MOMC Series 1 will follow soon.

While we’re getting MOMC TV ready for you, our Wednesday and Friday Live broadcasts continue, also with a new format! 

What started initially as a partnership with Facebook group Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni will relaunch on 20 January, with a mixture of MOMC chefs and some new and old faces from our MOMC At Heart spin-off.

MOMC At Heart consists of a mix of celebrity chefs such as Chef Dato’ Ismail Ahmad and talented non-professional cooks from all over the world who have a Malaysian connection. As we introduce new faces to this group, we expect to continue to grow our reach so that MOMC becomes the go-to platform for all Malaysian-related cooking broadcasts.

MOMC-MATJHN sessions will continue to be Live, and they will be theme-based. The theme for Series 1 of MOMC-MATJHN is Gong Xi Kongsi – ie. our recipes will be Chinese New Year-related. We hope to produce Live cooking shows that will be entertaining, light-hearted and educational in equal measure with our new line-up and personalities both behind the scenes and on-camera. 

Clearly, this is a lot of information in the one post – I get it! More details will follow, so make sure you stay tuned 🙂

Jackie M.

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  1. Wonderful to watch live video on Malaysian Heritage Cuisine to promote to the world by MOMC in Partnership with MAFI. And hope to see more event coming up. and to know Our Malaysia popular Chefs demonstrate on Malaysia Heritage Cuisine to the Young generation.

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