Malaysian Diplomats Join MOMC In The Ramadan Kitchen Live Series


13 April 2021

Masters of Malaysian Cuisine is doing a special Live series titled Ramadan Kitchen during the Muslim fasting month, and they will be joined for the first time by a number of Malaysian diplomats based around to world. Among those currently confirmed are the Malaysian Ambassador to Peru Ms. Fenny Nuli, the Chargé d’Affaires in Belgrade Mr Khairul Tazril, and the Sydney Consulate Education Attache Ms. Kartini Tajul; they will be cooking some Ramadan favourites for MOMC’s virtual global audience.

Another highlight of the Ramadan Kitchen series is that five of the MOMC Chefs – Dave Murugaya (aka Vegan Chef Dave), Debbie Teoh, Zaleha Olpin, Bob Adnin and Jackie M. – are back on board and cooking Live, after taking a break since late last year to focus on MOMC TV and the recent Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries Malaysian Heritage Cuisine campaign.

They will be joined by MOMC@Heart’s Chef Dato’ Ismail Ahmad and Europe-based Rosita Heilek, Mazna Merten of Maznah Premium Sauces and Seasonings, Leeza Yeo, and Victoria Van Bennekum. Other chefs who will be cooking from the MOMC@Heart team are the talented Sebastian Moh in Kentucky and Portuguese-Eurasian specialist Cynthia Santa Maria in Malaysia.

MOMC viewers can expect a good mix of dishes, specifically meals that are easy to prepare, and lots of finger foods and snacks. MOMC Chef Bob Adnin pointed out, “Ramadan food doesn’t have to be limited to what’s prepared for breaking fasts but can include sahur food (the pre-dawn meal)”.

In keeping with the theme of easy cooking, MOMC Chef Debbie Teoh will demonstrate how to make Malaysian favourite, popiah basah (fresh spring rolls), but using a simple technique for homemade popiah skins that even the novice can try at home.

MOMC founder Jackie M, whose own popiah skin-making skills once drew high praise from a Sydney Morning Herald food critic, says, “Making popiah skin via the traditional technique I used to use at my restaurant is really finicky; I’m all for shortcuts and I can’t wait to see what Debbie has in store for us”.

The MOMC Ramadan Kitchen Series will run mostly on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 3pm Malaysia; due to scheduling conflicts and to accommodate other timezones, there will be additional slots on other days and times, with announcements made via social media and to the MOMC mailing list.

Viewers can catch these live cooking demonstrations at any one of MOMC’s multiple channels, or at:


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