MOMC 2021: New Team, New Look, New Direction!

As we kick into gear with Masters of Malaysian Cuisine’s 2021 lineup, it seems timely (some would say overdue) for me to outline the changes we’ve been making behind the scenes. 

First of all, we have a new team!

Notably, Norman Musa left in late 2020 to pursue his own path. For easy reading, I’ve listed the other changes below:


OUT – Norman Musa, Pearly Kee, Nora Haron

IN – Debbie Teoh (Malaysia) – Acclaimed Nyonya cuisine expert

Our MOMC core group now consists of – 

Johari Edrus (Malaysia) 

Zaleha Olpin (UK) 

Jackie M.(Australia)

Vegan Chef Dave (Malaysia)

Bob Adnin (Malaysia)

Rene Juefri (Dubai)

Debbie Teoh (Malaysia)

MOMC Core content 1: MOMC TV (Mondays)  

MOMC Core Content 2: MOMC eMag (Monthly)

And of course, my co-founder Paul Gray (South Africa) is the man behind the scenes taking care of the tech stuff and the video editing.

Secondly, we created a spinoff group called MOMC@Heart; this consists of a combination of celebrity/professional chefs and passionate hobby cooks, with one thing in common – Malaysia!

MOMC@Heart –

Chef Dato’ Ismail Ahmad (Malaysia) – chef/owner of Restoran Rebung & Tourism Malaysia Culinary Ambassador

Liam Ghani (South Africa)

Leeza Yeo (Germany)

Mazna Merten (Hungary)

Victoria Van Bennekum (The Netherlands)

Tawfik Fared (Malaysia) – chef/owner of Marc et Farid

Cynthia Santa Maria (Malaysia)

Sebastian Moh (USA)

Sue Ann Ooi (Australia) – former contestant, My Kitchen Rules

Rosita Heilek (Germany)

Raw Chef Yin (Malaysia)

MOMC@Heart Core Content 1: MOMC & MOMC@Heart Live (Wednesdays & Fridays) 

MOMC@Heart Core Content 2: Recipe pdf downloads


Thirdly, we have a new logo! Chef Johari Edrus suggested this when we first launched but we never got around to doing so until this week; our MOMC logo now has a mortar & pestle in place of the frying pan in the previous iteration, to better capture our “Malaysian vibe”.

Our new direction – apart from producing MOMC TV (have you caught our first episode yet? If not, Click Here to Watch), we are working on some major campaigns with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries and with Tourism Malaysia, which will see us focus more on creating tailored content around Malaysian ingredients and Malaysian destinations.

As we head towards our first 1 million video views in 2021, we are excited about what we have in store for you. 

Our stated mission remains the same: food brings people together, despite these unprecedented times. While we wait for travel borders to reopen, we are able to remain connected through MOMC’s combination of Live and recorded cooking and travel videos. We look forward to having you on our continuing journey.

Jackie M.

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