Lenovo Tablet Giveaway – Street Food Journeys 4&5

Our latest Masters of Malaysian Cuisine Giveaway is now Live – and you have a chance to win some fabulous prizes including a Lenovo Tablet (limited to specific geographic locations due to the complexity of shipping computer goods overseas), That Rendang Lady Zaleha Olpin’s My Rendang Isn’t Crispy Cookbook, Mazna Merten’s dry pastes from her range of Sudee and/or Maznah Premium products, my Truly Malaysian Street Food At Home cookbooks, the beautiful Malaysia Truly Asia + MOMC aprons you might have seen and will see in our Street Food Journeys Series 4: Laksas of Malaysia and Street Food Journeys Series 5: Malaysia Melting Pot of Asia episodes, and more!

The great thing about our Giveaways is that you have multiple ways to score points; make sure you watch each episode of Street Food Journeys: Malaysia Series 4 & 5 (you can do it at YouTube.com/MastersOfMalaysianCuisine) and answer the questions correctly. Also, check in regularly to answer more questions as more episodes air.

All the best, and may the best viewer win!


Street Food Journeys 4&5 Giveaways


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