Sarawak – Street Food Journeys: Malaysia Episode 8

Sarawak on the island of Borneo is famously different to the rest of Malaysia – the culture, the people, the dialect, and, notably, the food – are all very distinct from what you would find on the peninsula. Because of the travel restrictions of the last year, none of our usual contributors were able to travel to Sarawak, and as a result, we had to source our content in more creative ways.

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Thankfully, we could call on passionate Sarawakians from our MOMC community (as well as those who have travelled there) to submit their segments on their favourite dishes from Sarawak. Vegan Chef Dave’s much anticipated vegan version of Sarawak Laksa (including the recipe for the paste), my first attempt at making Tomato Kway Teow (fresh rice noodles with ketchup-based sauce), a feature courtesy of Astro Malaysia, plus footage from a previous series for Tourism Malaysia and, of course, tour guide Shaukani Abbas’s insightful roundup of places of interest in Malaysia’s largest state, gave us enough material to work with – though I’d still like to visit one day and cover Sarawak more comprehensively.

This was the final episode in this 8-part series; I hope you have enjoyed it, and we look forward to working on the next series of Street Food Journeys in the near future. The recipes for all eight episodes are in our latest eMagazine; if you haven’t already signed up to receive it in your inbox, do so now at – and I look forward to engaging with you online again soon 🙂

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