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A traditional Peranakan recipe, putu bambu is a rice flour-based cake with shredded coconut, sugar and a hint of pandan. This delicious treat is often eaten as an afternoon snack or dessert and can be found in markets, food stalls and restaurants across Malaysia.

Originating in the Chinese community in Penang during the 19th century, the name “putu bambu” means “bamboo tube cake,” referring to its iconic cylindrical shape.

Putu bambu requires a few simple ingredients: ground rice flour, coconut, salt and sugar. The mixture is poured into moulds made from bamboo tubes, then steamed until it solidifies into a soft and fragrant cake with a slightly chewy texture. It is often served with gula melaka (palm sugar) or santan (coconut milk)

Putu bambu can be eaten as a snack or dessert, but it also goes well with hot tea or coffee for breakfast. When ordering it at a restaurant or market stall, it’s best to ask for freshly made ones so you can enjoy them at peak lightness and flavour.

The growing popularity of putu bambu among locals and tourists alike has seen this cake tweaked and twisted. You may find them filled with pandan paste for extra zing or topped with chopped peanuts for added crunch! Others serve them drizzled with melted chocolate or jam for added sweetness. No matter how you eat it, you’re sure to enjoy this timeless Malaysian snack!

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Putu Bambu Tradisi
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