MAFI Partners with Masters of Malaysian Cuisine to Promote Malaysian Ingredients to the World


15 March 2021

MAFI Partners with the Masters of Malaysian Cuisine to Promote Malaysian Ingredients to the World

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries of Malaysia (MAFI) will partner with the Masters of Malaysian Cuisine group to promote Malaysian ingredients through a series of global live cooking demonstrations and food tasting sessions.

These exclusive events will be held in 5 locations, namely Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Dubai, the UK and South Africa, with a total of 8 live cooking demonstrations taking place across 4 days from 27-30 March.

The core aim of the collaboration with MOMC is to raise awareness of the wide and varied range of Malaysian ingredients available globally.

Featuring some of the top Malaysian cuisine experts around the world – Johari Edrus, Zaleha Olpin, Jackie M, Dave Murugaya, Bob Adnin, Rene Juefri, Debbie Teoh and guest chef Liam Ghani – these events will be a unique combination of both physical and virtual demonstrations, which will be simulcast across all MOMC channels including their website (, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch, and on MAFI’s social media.

In response to COVID-19, a limited audience will be invited to join our chefs during the Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and Dubai events at COVID-secure venues to experience these demonstrations first-hand.

The theme “Malaysian Heritage Cuisine” has been selected to highlight the diversity and quality of Malaysian products available to a worldwide market. To this end, MOMC will be presenting and demonstrating an array of Malaysian heritage dishes to show  the accessibility of recreating authentic Malaysian cuisine aboard.

The event schedule is as follows (all times listed are Malaysia time):

Sat 27 March

(Australia & South Africa)

12.00pm KL – Jackie M (Australia) Ngau Lam Fun (Seremban Beef Brisket Noodles)

5.00pm KL – Liam Ghani (South Africa, virtual) Siamese Laksa (Penang Laksa Lemak)

Sun 28 March (Dubai & UK)

5.00pm KL – Rene Juefri (Dubai) – Ikan Bakar Berempah dan Air Asam (Banana Leaf-Wrapped Spiced Grilled Fish with Tamarind and Lime Dip)

6.00pm KL – Zaleha Olpin (UK, virtual) – Gulai Nangka Muda dengan Daging dan Kerabu Pegaga  (Young Jackfruit &  Beef Yellow Curry with Pennywort salad)

Monday 29 March (Malaysia)

1pm KL – Dave – Chettinad Varuval Mushrooms [Dried Indian Spiced Mushrooms]

2pm KL – Debbie – Ayam Buah Keluak ( Nyonya Spicy Chicken with Pangium Edule)   & Bakwan Kepiting ( Crab Meatball Soup)

Tuesday 30 March (Malaysia)

1pm KL – Johari – Ketupat Goreng ( Stir-fried Rice Dumpling)

2pm KL – Bob – Kerutuk Itik Salai (Slow-Cooked Smoked Duck In A Richly-Spiced Coconut Gravy)


For more information or interviews with Jackie M and the Masters of Malaysian Cuisine chefs contact: Jackie M| M: +61 (0) 425 797 718 | E:


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  1. Watching from uk . I noticed that the winners had all their email address published . I enjoyed all the demos and thank you Jackie and the team for all your time and effort.

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