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Kuih Akok – Famous Malaysian Cuisine

Mention “kuih” to sweet-toothed foodies and eyes will light up. The fame of these snacks is sweeping the world, and Malaysians are rightly proud of them. Yet of the country’s many kuih, the east coast version – kuih akok – is quite different and, of course, delicious.

Kuih akok, or simply akok, a traditional dessert found in Terengganu and Kelantan. This round, bite-sized cake is baked and served at roadside stalls. It’s not to be confused with the rainbow-coloured steamed rice flour kuih common in city cafes.

In the east coast, kuih is made from a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, pandan leaves, and coconut milk, and the ratios determine its appearance. The Terengganu kuih akok recipe has a higher ratio of flour to eggs and produces smooth cakes, while the Kelantan uses more eggs compared to flour. This makes the batter puff up in the oven, then shrink in cool air, making the surface wrinkle – it’s known as kuih akok “kedut,” meaning “wrinkly.”

Some compare the texture of kuih akok to British Yorkshire pudding. When it’s just baked, the outside will be crisp, while the inside is soft and fluffy, even custard-like. The flavours are simple: pandan leaf can be infused in the batter, and palm sugar (gula melaka) used for a caramel sweetness.

The best way to enjoy kuih akok is freshly made. When ordering, ask the vendor whether it is straight from the oven – if not, there will be other vendors nearby. Pair the kuih with hot black coffee or tea for a very Malaysian afternoon tea experience!

Shop name:
Kuih Akok Tembaga
Kampung Ladang Tok Pelam, 20000
019-983 7910

Kuih Akok

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