Johor – Street Food Journeys: Malaysia Episode 2

What I knew about Johor food prior to putting together this episode of Street Food Journeys: Malaysia, was that its cuisine carried some Javanese-Indonesian influence, that kacang phool, a famous Johor street food, was actually a Malaysian version of a Middle-Eastern dish, and that Singaporeans would go to the extent of crossing national borders into Malaysia to eat dinner in Johor.

In this episode featuring Malaysia’s southernmost state, I roped in some of my Masters of Malaysian Cuisine chefs – namely Vegan Chef Dave, Chef Rene Juefri and Chef Bob Adnin, to help bridge my knowledge gap when it comes to Johor food. Chef Dave was born and raised in Segamat in Johor, whereas Chef Rene spent time a lot of time there during his childhood because of family.

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MOMC@Heart’s Chef Dato’ Ismail makes his first appearance in this series by cooking Laksa Johor while yours truly demonstrates Mee Rebus Johor. By the way, if you watched Episode 1 on Melaka you’ll notice we’ve extended the cooking segments in Episode 2 because, truthfully, there’s so much good information to be gleaned from these cooking demonstrations it seems like a waste to cut out too much just so we can fit within our 20-minute format.

Serina Rahman from Kelab Alami joins us to talk about the organisation’s mission to help local fishermen in Tebrau Strait (aka Johor Strait) to earn a sustainable income through selling their catch at Pasar Pendekar Laut (aka “Sea Warriors Market”), and equipping the local youths with cooking skills at Warung Citarasa, which cooks up and serves the seafood from the market.

Other guests to make an appearance are YouTube and TikTok star Mark O’Dea, Malaysian tour guide Shaukani Abbas, our MOMC co-founder Paul Gray, and The JetLag Warriors.

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See you this Sunday for Street Food Journeys: Pahang!

Jackie M.

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