Pahang – Street Food Journeys: Malaysia Episode 3

Pahang is the biggest state in the Peninsula of Malaysia and well known for the Cameron Highlands and the Taman Negara (the national park). Apart from the ikan patin (catfish) for which the Pahang town of Temerloh is famous, I have to admit I haven’t had a lot of exposure to Pahang food despite having featured Her Majesty Queen Azizah’s Pahang cookbook recipes in a past series of Masters of Malaysian Cuisine.

In this episode of Street Food Journeys: Malaysia, I rallied the help of Pahang native and MOMC chef Zaleha Olpin, who showed us how to make a Pahang version of Pulut Panggang. I made Nasi Kebuli for the first time, a crispy skin chicken dish served with spiced rice (Her Majesty pointed out the recipe for this dish is also available in her cookbook; check it out in the link above).

Watch the Pahang episode here:

YouTube & TikTok star, TV host and MOMC contributor Mark O’Dea was back in this episode in a throwback to his Pahang food trail from not so long ago. We featured YouTuber Ken Abroad for the first time, because we wanted to show you the intriguing satay restaurant he visited in Kuantan, which serves more than just your standard beef and chicken satays.

My good friend and tour guide extraordinaire Shaukani Abbas gave us a rundown on places to visit in Pahang, at the end of which I made up my mind that Taman Negara is definitely going on the list for my next trip to Malaysia.

MOMC Chefs Zaleha Olpin, Bob Adnin and Johari Edrus along with MOMC@Heart’s Chef Dato’ Ismail Ahmad wrapped up the episode with their list of dishes they think of, when they think of Pahang.

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See you on Sunday for our next episode – Perak 🙂

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