How To Make Laksa Lipat Gulong (Rolled Laksa)

By Chef Johari Edrus

Serves 4-6


1 packet edible rice paper (Round)
½ tsp red chilli (cut into matchstick-sized strips and
1 large Japanese cucumber (cut into matchsticksized strips)
1 large pineapple (peeled and cut into
matchstick-sized strips)
1 ea iceberg lettuce
2 cups rice vermicelli (boiled, strained and
200g sardine (cleaned and smashed coarsely)
¼ cup tamarind concentrate
1 tbsp shrimp paste (petis udang)
100g belacan (toasted and finely crushed)
1 bunch mint leaf
1 bunch daun kesum (laksa leaves) (thinly
1 bunch daun gajus (cashew nuts shoots) (thinly
3 Bunga Kantan (torch ginger) (thinly shredded)
1 big bowl of warm water, for dipping the rice


Start by softening the rice paper sheets. Fill a
large bowl with warm water. Dip one rice paper
very carefully and gradually for about 1 minute,
until totally softened. Lay rice paper on a clean
Arrange about 4 beautiful mint leaves at the
bottom of the rice paper. Top with a lettuce leaf,
a spoonful of sardine, a small handful of vermicelli
and a small handful of cucumber, pineapple,
chopped chilli, shredded daun kesum and
shredded daun gajus.
Top with sauce and a second lettuce leaf.
Always keep about 2 inches uncovered on each
side. Fold uncovered sides inward, and then
tightly roll the rice paper. Repeat with remaining



½ cup tamarind concentrate
¼ cup palm syrup
3 ea limau kasturi, (calamansi) squeeze for juice
1 tbsp belacan
3 tbsp shrimp paste (petis udang)


Prepare the sauce. In a sauce a bowl, combine
tamarind concentrate, palm syrup, limau kasturi juice,
belacan and shrimp paste. Mix well until all ingredients
are completely combined. Keep in the fridge until
required. Serve your homemade spring rolls with the
sauce and enjoy!

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