Vegan Kuala Lumpur – Street Food Journeys: Malaysia S3 E3

Kuala Lumpur, as the melting pot of Malaysia and its capital, is where you can find all kinds of Malaysian dishes. One of them is Nasi Lemak, a coconut-flavoured rice served with fried dried anchovies, sambal and egg. Nasi Lemak is often named among Malaysia’s most famous dishes, and in its basic form, it’s sold wrapped in banana leaf.

In Kuala Lumpur, there are a number of restaurants that specialise in a deluxe version of nasi lemak – one which comes complete with not just coconut rice and sambal but also your choice of curries and other accompaniments.

In this episode of Street Food Journeys: Plant-Based Edition, I demonstrate how to make a vegan version of nasi lemak deluxe which includes recipes for vegan rendang, vegan egg omelette, vegan ikan bilis (dried anchovies), vegan sambal, and vegan ayam goreng (fried “chicken”).

I’m joined by MOMC@Heart’s Leeza Yeo who demonstrates how to make a vegan Pecel (mixed vegetables with peanut sauce).

Last but not least, The JetLag Warriors get to try durian ais cendol, a coconut milk shaved ice drink topped with the king of fruits.

Watch the replay of Street Food Journeys: Kuala Lumpur (Plant-Based Edition) here >> https://youtu.be/QArGpy0sn6Q

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Don’t forget to check out the entire Street Food Journeys series, which you can find on YouTube.com/JackieM 🙂

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