Pearly Kee – Penang Homecooking School Founder & Award-Winning Cookbook Author

Pearly is a fifth generation Penang Nyonya and the founder of Penang Homecooking School in Malaysia. Her cooking classes have attracted over 10,000 people from all over the world since they started in 2008, and her guest reviews in Tripadvisor have won her a Certificate of Excellence for more than 5 years and inclusion in the Tripadvisor Hall of Fame in 2019.

Pearly has appeared in many cooking shows with visiting celebrities including Ainsley Harriott and John Torode from the UK, and two of her cookbooks have won the “Best in the World Gourmand Award” for Malaysia.

She has travelled around the world as a guest of her students to promote Malaysian cuisine in food festivals and events, and she was invited by airline meals solutions company Frankenberg to showcase 25 Malaysian dishes to them in 2017.

Growing up in a Nyonya household steeped in tradition, Pearly chose cooking and cleaning as her specialty. When she eventually decided to teach cooking, it took her a year to prepare herself for the task.

Pearly aims to inspire and encourage people to grow their own herbs and spices, eat sustainably, and avoid too much processed food.

She is mindful that learning to cook is important but it should also be fun. Pearly is very passionate about teaching and inspiring people to improve their life through eating. It’s not for nothing she is called the Nyonya Kitchen Goddess of Penang!

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