Nora Haron – Chef-Restaurateur & Cookbook Author

Award winning executive chef Nora Haron is breaking through glass ceilings and redefining the culinary industry with her modern approach to global cuisine that draws its influence, among others, from her Malay heritage.

Born and raised in Singapore, Nora received hands on culinary training through helping in her family’s catering business. But her love for food began while working in Lucca, Italy as a shoe designer. After learning how to cook from local Italian women, she returned to the United States. Nora graduated from
San Francisco’s Baking Institute in San Francisco, California.

Nora has a strong commitment to provide sustainable food choices as well as supporting local purveyors. Her passion for food, drive and pursuit to break gender and racial barriers has led her to great places.

Nora is currently the Director of Culinary for San Francisco’s 4P’s Restaurant Group.
Previously, she was Executive Chef at Drip Line Oakland, Monkey Forest Road and was the Culinary Operations Manager for Blue Bottle Coffee.

Nora has also been the Culinary Consultant for Medd Café and Roastery located in Saudi Arabia and Equator Coffee and Teas in California. Nora currently leads the Culinary Team at Red Bay Coffee in Oakland, California.

Apart from recently showcasing her cuisine at the James Beard House in New York, she has also been featured on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and The Food Network. She has co-authored two cook books with Boba Guys and East Bay Cooks and is currently working on her own.

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